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Tom Price is a lecturer and a public communicator about Christian belief. He was made an Archbishop’s Evangelist in 2019. He studied Philosophy at university and later completed an MA in Christian Apologetics, and is currently undertaking doctoral research in theology, philosophy and film.

In recent years Tom has spoken to a variety of audiences in Hong Kong, Europe, South Africa, USA and other places across the world. In the UK, he has provided teaching for major conferences such as New Wine, Keswick, The Stewards Trust and Spring Harvest and organisations including; the Baptist Union, HTB: School of Theology, 24/7 prayer, UCCF, Scripture Union and L’Abri. Tom has also undertaken a variety of media work, appearing on BBC1 Songs of Praise, the BBC World Service, Local BBC radio and Premier Christian Radio’s ‘Unbelievable?’ show.


He was previously the Founding Editor of UCCF’s website bethinking.org, and more recently he has created www.beliefmapping.com (a worldview survey and analysis system) and www.foundinfilm.com (a film discussion initiative).  Tom has many years of expertise and experience in mission, apologetics, theology and discipleship. He is passionate about philosophy and theology that fundamentally takes people seriously, values the individual and engages with the serious questions and objections they may have about life and religious beliefs. Tom is married to Caroline, has three smallish children, and they live in Oxford.

For more information about Tom’s work please get in touch.