Film Talks

Religion on Film – from Transcendence to Terrorism

How does cinema engage with the religious? Explore some of the cinematic commentary offered from Homeland, to There Will Be Blood, Eat Pray Love, Tree of Life and the Revenant – what is cinema saying? And how are we engaging with it?

How to watch a movie?

Although movies are primarily watched for entertainment value, there are deeper topics and questions in every film. How can we decipher these messages in order to engage with film at a deeper and more self-aware level.

Christopher Nolan – Apologist for Reality?

Slumdog Millionaire and LOTR – Destiny and Purpose 

Conversations about Purpose with LOTR, The Hobbit and Slumdog Millionaire

Affluenza at the movies 

How does a lifestyle of valuing possessions and things effect us, and how is some cinema tracking, discussing and questioning this? Combining a discussion of the psychologist, Oliver James’ diagnosis of modern societies’ ailment of ‘affluenza’ as ‘placing a high value of on money, possessions, appearance, social status and fame’ which correlates with increased ‘depression, anxiety, substance abuse and narcissistic personality disorder’, with movies that interact with the theme of materialistic values in our lives.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Love

Amazing Grace and Taken – Objectification

Being Human – Amazing Grace

13 Conversations About One Thing – Happiness

Stranger than Fiction – Purpose

Inception – Divine Hiddenness

Why isn’t God more obvious? with discussions of Inception

Transcendence – Transhumanism/evolutionary humanism

Downloading Hope – Transcendence

Future Technology and What it is to be Human – Sci-Fi and Transhumanism

The Hobbit – Unexpected Journeys

Superheroes – Why do we love them?